Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do We Park?

There is plenty of parking on-site in the Buccaneer Mall parking lot. The lot continues above the museum as well, drive around to the right and up to the top. Use the staircase that is against the building to return to the entrance of the museum.

Is the museum accessible?

The VICM is 100% accessible. There is handicap parking on the far right side of the parking lot.  If that space is full, drop off can be arranged. Please call 340-643-0366 for more information, or if you arrive and need assistance.

How do I book Field Trips, Groups and Birthday Parties?

The museum has special policies for field trips and groups, and are currently booking on-site field trips starting in December of 2018. Please visit the Contact Us page and send your information, we will email you the necessary documents. 


The museum is not currently hosting birthday parties. Please check back for updates.

What are dining options in the museum?

The VICM does not have a cafe. We welcome visitors to bring a packed picnic meal, or to take advantage of nearly a dozen restaurants within 2 blocks of the museum and sit on our new patio to enjoy your meal.