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The ACM Reciprocal Network is a network of ACM member museums open across the U.S. and Canada that offer discounted admission to members that hold premium family memberships. Currently, over 200 museums participate in the network!

-Member needs to present a valid membership card with ACM Reciprocal Network benefits. A valid membership card with ACM Reciprocal Network benefits has:    * A color ACM Reciprocal  Network logo* (the logo may be a sticker or printed directly on the card).

  * An expiration date that has not passed.

  * Name of one adult family member.

-Cardholder needs to be present at the time of admission. (Admission staff may request photo ID to verify identity). 

-ACM Reciprocal Network benefits admit up to six (6) people (including the cardholder) at 50% off general admission. Additional visitors in the group need to pay GENERAL admission price.

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