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Community Youth Reading Program


Read to feed your belly & imagination!


Click here to fill out the Read to Feed Program Form. Readers must be between 6-18 years of age to sign up. Forms may also be found at the museum's reception desk. You (parent/guardian) will be contacted once your child's reading reward card is ready to pick up!

Cards will display your child's name on the front and may only be used by that reader.


1.) After you (the reader) have read a new book, you will then visit the list of participating establishments to see where you would like to redeem their rewards! Please note that all book titles must be noted when you sign up for a replacement card. You may use your card to keep track of the books you've read. 

2.) Alert your waiter or cashier (before your order) that they have a reader in their presence and that you will be redeeming your Read to Feed rewards!

3.) After you and your group have paid the bill, your waiter or cashier will punch your card. 

4.) Each card has 17 punches so get out and feed your imagination as well as your belly!

*Once all your circles are punches, please click here to request your replacement card. Remember that the list of the books you have read will be required before you get your new card. 


            (in alphabetical order)

Scoops & Brew - 1 free scoop of ice cream



  • Challenge yourself! Pick a new genre of books to try next month; try fiction, biographies, books about culture, music or history. Let your friends decide the next challenge!

  • Start your own Virtual Book Club! Create a group on your favorite social media channel to discuss your favorite books. Always remember to browse the internet safely and in the presence of your parent or guardian. 

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