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Artist Veronica Leinenbach - Original Acrylic on canvas, 12"x12"

12th Grade Antilles


Artist Statement: I was born and raised in St.Thomas, but I have roots in Ukraine and Germany. I've created a few pieces to bring awareness to the War in Ukraine. I've displayed my art in a solo art show hosted by 81C, an art gallery on the waterfront. I even sold a smaller piece that looks similar to the work I submitted. My work revolves around daydreaming, as her head is “in the clouds” I used acrylic paint as my media and I made the women's afro clouds, and the background space as she is daydreaming the world melts away and your whoever you want to be in your imagination. My belief is most art comes from the imagination and most of my pieces stem from my daydreaming. That is my “dream” related to art.


  • There are NO refunds or returns for this art exhibition. 

  • All student art pieces are for Pick Up Only, unless otherwise stated or agreed upon by the VI Children's Museum and buyer. 

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